Give the gift of independence and joy. Wishbone Flip and Mini-Flip bring together modern form and super-functionality in a timeless toy that supports your child's key milestones. Choose the perfect fit for your child. Design your own Mini-Flip in our customizer!

Wishbone Mini-Flip Walker - stable for babies to walk, rock & ride.
Wishbone Mini-Flip Racer - spinning wheels to rock & roll.
Wishbone Flip - larger frame to rock & roll.
Mini-Flip Deluxe Bundle is a beautiful, customizable baby gift that grows with your child. 9 months to 3 years.
Red Wooden ride-on toy
Wishbone Flip


Wishbone Mini-Flip Walker
Various colour combinations of mini-flip components
Wishbone Mini-Flip Deluxe Bundle
Wishbone Mini-Flip Racer
Mini-Flip Walker - Black & White
Mini-Flip Walker - Black & White

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Mini-Flip Walker (Return)
Mini-Flip Walker (Return)

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orange wooden mini-flip top
Wishbone Mini-Flip First Base
Wishbone Mini-Flip Race Base
orange wooden base of mini-flip
Wishbone Mini-Flip Wheels